Keep the Castle Warm

Exeter Castle has received a complete makeover including the installation of Nu-Heat’s underfloor heating laid in liquid screed.

There has been a castle on the site for over 1000 years and the current building has been in place since 1068 when William the Conqueror commissioned a larger and more strongly fortified castle than was previously in existence. The castle was the location of Devon County Court from 1774 but when the court moved to new premises in November 2004, the building was sold to private owners who have been developing it into a ‘spectacular venue for culture, commerce and living’.

Part of the development includes the renovation of the three courtrooms into function rooms for weddings, parties and conferences. Underfloor heating is being installed into each room.

Court Three has already been transformed into ‘The Ballroom’ (220sqm), complete with giant glitterball. Court Two (150sqm) is almost ready in its new guise as The Gallery, having recently had the underfloor heating fitted and once it is finished, renovation of Court One will begin.

The use of underfloor heating means that the stunning features of each of the rooms is unaffected by radiators. Additionally, when radiators are used to heat large rooms such as these the warmth is often only felt close to the radiators. The radiant heat generated throughout the room means that everyone will feel the benefit.

Installer Kelvin Llewellyn laid the Nu-Heat-designed underfloor heating and screeded the floor. Kelvin says that the building retains its historical character. The walls of the castle, which are unchanged, are incredibly thick. The dungeons, located under Court Three include an amazing picture of the castle scratched into the stone by a prisoner from another age. Ghost hunters occasionally visit the cells in search of spectres from the past. They may now find the spooks have relocated to The Ballroom to enjoy the underfloor heating!

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