Kee Saftey Launches Fast-Fit™For Rapid Steel-To-Steel Connection

Kee Safety has introduced the Fast-Fit™- a new, ultra-quick, off-the-shelf connection system for connecting steel sections together in construction and civil engineering applications without the need for drilling or welding.


Fast-Fit is a clamping solution which comprises a frame designed to wrap around the edges of the two steelwork sections, before sliding into place. This frame allows clamps to be quickly secured into place, ensuring a secure steel to steel connection.Varying angles can easily be achieved by sliding the beams relative to each other, and steel members can be quickly and easily re-aligned, if required.


The Fast-Fit system delivers a guaranteed connection without the need for on-site testing. Protective coatings on existing steelwork are maintained and no holes are needed to make the connection, so the structure retains its original strength and durability. As a clamping solution, Fast-Fit also eliminates the requirement for specialist skilled labour, saving time and cost on site. 


“Fast-Fit will save time and hassle on construction sites,” says Matt Jordan, Group Product Manager at Kee Safety. “Supplied as a kit solution in a single box, it provides a fast, versatile and safe option for connecting steelwork together, without risking any damage to the integrity of the structure. It’s a solution that contractors and engineers can rely on.”


Fast-Fit’s clever “patent pending” design means that steel sections can be connected extremely quickly in comparison to traditional methods, without the need for on-site power or hot work permits.

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