Kebony wins Best Business Award for Best Innovation

Kebony, a Norwegian wood technology company producing a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood, has won the award for Best Innovation at the Best Business Awards. The prestigious accolade seeks to highlight an organisation which has identified a requirement for an innovative green-tech product and successfully brought it to the market.


Depletion of tropical hardwoods is becoming unacceptable to corporate and consumer audiences, whilst the demand for high-performance and low-maintenance wood materials has increased. This award recognizes Kebony’s response to the ever-expanding market for an environmentally-friendly, durable and aesthetic wood product.


Kebony’s innovative technology uses a by-product from farmed sugar cane production to transform sustainable soft woods into durable woods with the performance and aesthetics of the best tropical hardwoods. Based in Norway, the company is currently in discussions with potential licensing partners internationally to increase its capacity and global reach.


To this end, Kebony has just expanded its sales and distribution operations into the US market via its new distribution partner, Pine River Group. The company, who specialise in supplying timber for the marine, agriculture and construction industries, will be responsible for the distribution of Kebony to the American market.


Commenting on Kebony’s award to Kebony, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges, said: “Kebony is a pioneer in the field of developing new natural materials for sustainable construction. Its innovative method of treating sustainable softwoods to adopt the properties of hardwood, is causing something of a sensation in the construction industry. With a shortage of housing in the UK as well as in other countries and the return to economic growth, we expect the demand for Kebony to increase.” 


Adrian Pye, International Sales Director at Kebony comments “We have observed increasing demand for an environmentally friendly high-performance wood with the attributes of the best tropical hardwoods. Kebony is delighted to be recognised for its innovation by the Best Business Awards.”

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