Kalzip XT profile sheets get top marks at new Skills Academy

Nearly 5,000 sqm of Kalzip’s aluminium standing seam system, including over 1,000 sqm of revolutionary Kalzip XT profile sheets have been installed on City of Bristol College’s impressive new South Bristol Skills Academy. Archial Architects were responsible for the futuristic design concept and materials specification with architect AWW chosen to deliver the design by contractor, Cowlin Construction Ltd - project management was by Capita Symonds.

The flexibility of the Kalzip XT profiled sheets and the company’s advanced computer controlled roll-forming technology make it possible to transform computer generated designs and structural principles into reality - thereby allowing 3 dimensional contouring to be combined with a standing seam system to achieve technically perfect free-flowing building shapes.

Over 1,500 individual Kalzip aluminium sheets were especially tailor-made for the Skills Academy’s complex building envelope - these were all installed by highly experienced Teamkal contractor, Lakesmere Ltd who also installed some 5,000 sqm of Kalzip liner, decking and curved decking sheets.

The striking appearance of this unique landmark building is a visual reference to the old Whitchurch Airport that formerly occupied the site and the design reflects the two hemispheres of the brain as the four-storey structure comprises twin sections located either side of a spacious central atrium linked by bridges at each level.

“City of Bristol College requested the delivery of an iconic, dynamic, yet highly functional building for the entrance to the Hengrove Park development,” says Archial Architects’ Martin Rogers, “and our aim was to achieve that whilst keeping all the facilities together under one roof. Having decided that a high-performance, low maintenance standing seam system would provide the ideal solution for the building envelope, we specified Kalzip because we knew from previous experience that the company’s manufacturing capabilities, experience and technological expertise would be vital factors in helping to achieve our objectives. Crucially, as the complex building envelope design required sheets to curve in two directions, using Kalzip’s innovative XT profile sheets would not only be the best, but probably the only way, to ensure a successful outcome.”

Ian Hunt of architect AWW comments, “The complex design, production and installation requirements for the Kalzip sheets meant that extremely close and co-operative working relationships were required between all members of the team at all times. Each of the 1,500 individual Kalzip sheets would only fit in one location and therefore it was imperative that all the details were 100% accurate. Some of those involved on the project have described the envelope’s construction as like working on a ‘giant 3D jigsaw puzzle’ - which obviously required careful planning, monitoring and control.”

The full Kalzip built-up system also contributed to the overall sustainability of the building because the materials combination provides the structure with a good thermal mass so it stores and regulates heat well to give a steady internal temperature. This has resulted in the building envelope attaining an ‘A’ rating in BREEAM’s ‘The Green Guide to Specification’.

This state-of-the-art learning facility and working environment utilising the latest technologies was commissioned by City of Bristol College to drive up educational standards and provide the necessary skills, qualifications and improved employment opportunities for over 3,000 young people and adults in south Bristol each year.

For more details and copies of the Kalzip brochures: ‘Kalzip Systems’ and ‘Creating the learning environments of the future’, please email: info.uk@kalzip.com or visit: www.kalzip.com

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