Kalzip’s perfect for flat roofs

Kalzip’s new flat roofing system guide explains why high performance aluminium standing seam roofs are a robust and cost-effective solution for all new build and refurbishment applications. BBA approved for use on flat and low pitched roofs down to 1.5º, the well-proven Kalzip solution allows for ease of installation, inherent water-tightness, durability and offers a unique 40 year full system guarantee.

The Kalzip standing seam system offers complete versatility across every kind of roofing application - in a multitude of standard configurations - catering for all designs, the most exacting performance requirements and reduced whole life cost when compared with many traditional flat roof alternatives.

Kalzip sheets are secret-fixed to the substructure by means of non-penetrative clips so there are no through fixings and therefore no leaks. The raised seam design of Kalzip also eliminates the need for sealants as a method of weathering thereby making the system reliably watertight.

As an aluminium product, Kalzip combines strength with lightness - it’s durable, corrosion-resistant and essentially maintenance-free. Once installed, a Kalzip roof also provides excellent performance in terms of minimizing heat transfer and sound levels.

The Kalzip system is as well suited to flat and low pitch roofs as it is to the more elaborately curved and tapered roofs for which it has earned its outstanding reputation coupled with its ability to accommodate the most complex of organic geometries.

John McAllister, Northern Area Manager at Kalzip explains: “We guarantee our flat roofing systems to be of exceptionally high quality and therefore high performance over the life of a building. We do this due to the extensive research, development and technical accuracy with which we approach product innovation in creating the most structurally sound, aesthetically striking, thermally, acoustically and energy efficient systems. Kalzip’s clients have the additional peace of mind that each and every Kalzip roof has been detailed and installed by the unique Teamkal Network of trained and approved contractors.

“The benefits of standing seam roofing systems are far-reaching and in the drive for a more sustainable future, Kalzip is continually introducing innovative new products including integrated photovoltaic solar solutions or green nature roof systems.”

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