Kalzip’s new colours for AluPlusPatina

Kalzip has introduced a series of stunning new colours to enhance its existing range of AluPlusPatina materials. Available in hues of Gold and Bronze, this new range of very distinctive lustre finishes can be supplied in stucco embossed and mill finish materials to provide architects with an inspiring array of creative choices for Kalzip aluminium roofing and façade systems.

AluPlusPatina is produced in a continuous inline electrolytic passivation process which creates a highly durable surface finish that is integral to the metal. The process can include a colourising stage - so in addition to the original naturally weathered aluminium appearance, AluPlusPatina materials are also available in these new colour-stable hues.

Kalzip’s natural aluminium and new AluPlusPatina colour-patinated materials offer a smooth, impermeable, dirt-repellent finish with extremely robust properties. This unique treatment does not affect the crystal structure of the aluminium but only changes the microscopic texture of the surface which is consistent over large surface areas and remains undamaged during subsequent folding or roll-forming. AluPlusPatina’s durable matt-effect finish significantly reduces light reflection whilst at the same time creating the appearance of a material that has weathered and matured naturally over years.

These new AluPlusPatina options increase Kalzip’s already extensive palette of luxuriant colours, textures and finishes giving architects an unparalleled choice of highly durable aluminium building envelope materials.

For further information, please visit: www.kalzip.com

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