Kalzip’s BBA Certificate revised

Kalzip’s BBA Certificate No: 98/3841 has been revised and is now far more comprehensive than the original version. It is presented as two separate product sheets covering the Kalzip Liner Roof System and Kalzip Deck Roof System - this allows for the addition of different Kalzip systems at a later date. Covering all of Kalzip’s profiles, this revised version is in the BBA’s new, easier to follow format which makes the search for information much quicker and more convenient for the user.


The newly revised document is also handily cross-referenced to Kalzip’s Falzinc & AluPlusZinc BBA Certificate (No: 08/4571) and to that of Euramax Aluminium Coated Products Limited (No: 93/2922).


Many key factors were assessed such as structural performance, weathertightness, thermal performance, risk of condensation, airtightness, performance in relation to fire and durability, demonstrating Kalzip roof systems’ ability to satisfy the requirements of UK Building Regulations.


Numerous three-dimensional models were produced to determine the thermal performance of Kalzip roof systems and a U-value calculation design tool was developed to a methodology agreed and assessed by the BBA. A selection of U-values produced using this design tool is included in the certificate in tabular format as are surface condensation temperature (f) factors and comprehensive wind and snow load/span tables which are aligned with the structural Eurocodes. Project specific calculations can be provided utilising appropriate design tools by contacting Kalzip Technical department.


All of Kalzip’s fixing clips, vapour control layers and various insulation options are covered within the certificate as are top-hat sub-purlins, liners and structural decks in both aluminium and galvanised steel materials complete with 3D isometric images.


For more information and a copy of Kalzip’s revised BBA Certificate No: 98/3841, please visit: www.kalzip.com

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