Kalzip has carnival appeal

Kalzip’s aluminium standing seam system was specified as the dominant surface material for cladding Luton’s imaginatively designed Carnival Arts Centre. Cany Ash of Ash Sakula Architects said, “Kalzip proved ideal for the centre’s main performance area - it’s versatile, lightweight and by using a variety of tapered sheets, we were able to create a building envelope with the necessary sense of kinetic energy.”

“Intended to captivate and intrigue, the entertaining design theme is epitomised by the apparent randomness of Kalzip’s angled seams, enabling us to animate the centre’s large performance space by producing an exterior that’s full of life where shadows continually chase each other around the building,” continued Cany.

Paul Anderson, Chief Executive of the UK Centre for Carnival Arts added, “The Kalzip cladding really helps to make the building more vibrant and prominent within the town - giving the centre the wow factor it needs to attract visitors and give Luton a well-deserved boost to its image.”

The inventive and hugely enjoyable Carnival Arts Centre was built by The Apollo Group with approved Teamkal contractor, Thompson Roofing Ltd installing all the Kalzip stucco embossed standing seam sheets, vapour control layer and two Kalzip Plus 35 100mm layers of insulation.

Continuing the adventurous spirit and contributing to the visually striking and eclectic array of colourful materials and textures, Kalzip’s fabrication department also supplied all the specially formed gold-anodised aluminium cladding sheets employed for Luton’s new cultural focal point.

Established as a registered charity in 1998, Luton Carnival Arts Development Trust aims to keep the spirit of carnival alive all year round by organising workshops and related events. As well as hosting the UK’s largest one-day carnival, ethnically diverse Luton has now become the home of the country’s first state-of-the-art centre for carnival arts and local community use - it also provides flexible spaces for a wide range of educational programmes including the UK’s first Foundation Degree in Carnival Arts.

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