Kalzip - Fit for 40 years!

Kalzip aluminium standing seam system’s outstanding durability has been independently authenticated by virtue of testing undertaken by Germany’s Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing (BAM). BAM’s thorough examinations and assessments have been taking place for more than 40 years in three types of aggressive environment - marine, urban and industrial - and the results confirm Kalzip’s long term corrosion-resistance and performance capabilities.

These latest findings by BAM formally corroborate the fact that even after 40 years of exposure to potentially corrosive industrial pollutants and atmospheric attack, the base material of a Kalzip roof sheet - and therefore its ability to perform - remains fully functional.

Aluminium is inherently durable and weather-resistant, creating an inert, hard oxide layer that resists most pollutants and ‘regenerates’ if cut or scratched. With Kalzip, an additional weathering layer of bespoke alloy improves this resistance to corrosion still further, resulting in a BBA-certified life expectancy in excess of 40 years.

Tests on all three roof installations have been carried out intermittently throughout the 40 year period, enabling comprehensive documentation of progress corrosion. The installations were carefully selected for the different atmospheric conditions of their particular locations and the inherent threats that these can present including humidity, rainfall and attack by chemical pollution and UV radiation.

The BAM evaluation and report is just one of the independent tests to which Kalzip is regularly subjected. The Kalzip roof system in its entirety has achieved third party certification by the BBA in the UK and is globally recognised by the German Zulassung, French Avis Technique and Factory Mutual quality standards.

For more information about the BAM Report, please visit: www.kalzip.com

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