Kalzip earns top marks at Swindon Academy

A full Kalzip build-up system including over 6,300 sqm of straight and tapered Kalzip aluminium standing seam roofing sheets was specified for the impressive new Swindon Academy by Aedas Architects Ltd. Designed for project sponsors United Learning Trust, Swindon Academy has been built by Leadbitter with the Kalzip system installed by approved Teamkal contractor, WWR (UK) Ltd.

Aedas Architects’ lead architect Peter Borkus says, “We specified Kalzip because of the system’s proven performance, speed of installation, versatility and spanning capability. With the recommended roof build-up, the Kalzip system provides ‘Green Rating’ for BREEAM accreditation - which in this instance is to ‘A’ Rating.”

“Security was also a key issue,” continues Peter Borkus, “and employing long sheet lengths of Kalzip makes it extremely difficult for potential intruders to gain access through the roof. The Kalzip system’s versatility is amply demonstrated by its ability to be installed at differing low pitch roof angles, accommodate numerous roof penetrations, interface with a variety of wall / parapet constructions and cope with tightly curved areas of buildings. Robustness, durability and innate resistance to corrosion means that Kalzip is extremely economical over its design life of at least 25 years - and it’s 100% recyclable and re-useable.”

Swindon Academy’s design footprint was driven by a number of practical considerations and local planning issues which included restricted pedestrian and vehicular access to the area. Aedas Architect’s imaginative solution has been to create a long linear 2-storey building that’s cleverly folded back on itself like a paperclip to fit within the tight constraints of the site.

The primary and secondary schools are situated at opposite ends of the academy with shared administration, kitchen and dining facilities located centrally for mutually convenient access and two major link corridors connecting across the folded linear building. Various types of mono and duo pitched Kalzip roofs cover distinct areas of the academy with numerous penetrations for rooflighting and sophisticated air ventilation.

Swindon Academy, ‘The first 0-19 Academy in the country’, is a member United Learning Trust (ULT) that was formed in 2002 as a subsidiary of the United Church Schools Trust which has been running high quality schools in the UK for nearly 125 years. ULT is the UK’s largest provider of academies - all of which are inclusive and welcoming schools where young people of all faiths, backgrounds and abilities are valued and respected.

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