Kalzip covers Pendle Vale College

Over 7,700 sqm of Kalzip aluminium standing seam roofing sheets were specified by Capita Architecture for the striking new Pendle Vale College in Nelson, Lancs. Kalzip is an extremely versatile system and well able to meet the demands of this roof design which included achieving a U-value of 0.15 W/m²K.

Part of the government’s Building Schools for the Future programme, Pendle Vale College is owned and managed by Catalyst Lend Lease under a 25-year PFI agreement and Lancashire County Council is the tenant. The college was built by Bovis Lend Lease and all the Kalzip flashings, fascias and 0.9mm gauge standard stucco embossed roofing sheets were installed by Teamkal contractor, Lakesmere Ltd.

On plan, the concentric arcs of classrooms that extend from the college’s central spine ‘internal street’ are gently facetted on a radial grid. Their mono pitched roofs comprise a series of straight Kalzip sheets interspersed with tapered Kalzip sheets at each grid line in order to achieve the desired curvature. The college has been carefully designed in steps to blend with the contours of a fairly steep hillside site and the Kalzip sheets on the roof of the central spine are laid to a natural curve, creating a wave effect as it rises up from just above road level to the building’s main entrance.

A centre for excellence and learning which specialises in sports, information and communications technology, Pendle Vale College is one of the most modern, innovative and best equipped in the country. The state-of-the-art building and wide range of facilities are destined to provide its own students and those from the wider local community with a very exciting learning environment for years to come.

For more details and a copy of the Kalzip brochure, “Creating the learning environments of the future”, please visit www.kalzip.com or Email: kalzipmarketing@corusgroup.com

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