Kalzip covers Colchester Garrison

Over 109,000 sqm of Kalzip aluminium standing seam system has been installed on all 124 new buildings constructed in the Merville Barracks at Colchester Garrison. This massive Kalzip project was commissioned by RMPA Services, a ‘special purpose’ PFI company formed to develop and construct the new Barracks and provide through life service support to the Garrison on behalf of the MoD over the 35 year term of the contract.

The MoD appointed RMPA Services as the preferred bidder to finance and develop the scheme and assume responsibility for the appearance and long-term performance of the new Barracks. RMPA Services plc was formed by a consortia consisting of Atkins, the UK’s largest engineering and design consultancy, Sir Robert McAlpine, a major UK wide construction company, Sodexo, a world leader in the provision of service support and HSBC Infrastructure.

Invited to meet Atkins’ building envelope design team, Kalzip was challenged to provide standing seam full build up system solutions for a variety of buildings ranging from modular construction accommodation blocks, workshops and stores to a swimming pool and sports centre. Importantly, whilst remaining consistent in appearance, all these buildings were required to carry a complete system warranty which matched the 35 year PFI term, achieve the necessary performance specifications and stay within budget.

Kalzip was also charged with producing solutions that would achieve the new thermal and airtight target values and provide robust details to significantly reduce and eliminate cold bridging.

Additionally, Kalzip’s ability to fabricate all perimeter details, closures and flashings from the same material at their in-house production facility in Haydock, ensured a consistent finish, appearance and desired long-term weathering performance.

Prater Ltd successfully tendered for the main bulk of Phase 1 work comprising 39,000 sqm of Kalzip and 4 other Teamkal contractors (ASL, KGM Roofing, Thompson Roofing and TR Freeman) successfully completed the roofing and cladding elements of the remaining buildings. Prater also went on to negotiate with Sir Robert

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