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Kalzip has produced an impressive new 48 page brochure packed with eye-catching photographs portraying dozens of exciting building project case studies from all over the British Isles. “This brochure is full of the most imaginative examples of the way in which a simple, well engineered sheet material can be made to dance to the changing rhythm of architectural time,” says architect and broadcaster, Maxwell Hutchinson.


Kalzip national case studies’ is a new full colour brochure featuring an amazing array of stunning roofing and façade projects all demonstrating how numerous architects have chosen Kalzip to transform their creative building design concepts into reality.


The brochure illustrates a wide variety of projects from every market sector to stimulate the imagination. As well as depicting Kalzip’s highly reliable, durable and flexible standing seam system in natural aluminium, exemplars also show the use of different colour coatings, materials and finishes. Buildings of all shapes and sizes are included showing the diverse use of curved, tapered, 3D contoured, twisted, wave formed and over-clad sheets, all demonstrating Kalzip’s astonishing versatility.


Sustainability also features strongly in the brochure with Kalzip’s Nature Roof, solar solutions and low U-value projects all well represented which further exemplifies the system’s incredible versatility whilst simultaneously emphasising the company’s environmental credentials and commitment to providing architects with an ever-increasing range of innovative building design options.


To request your copy of the ‘Kalzip national case studies’ brochure, please email: enquiries.uk@kalzip.com or visit: www.kalzip.com

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