k-Wattch has its eye on your energy consumption

Measuring power consumption in a wide variety of locations is now easier and quicker thanks to the launch of k-Wattch, a portable hand-held energy monitor developed as part of the Sinergy range by market-leader Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management.

k-Wattch is a robust battery-operated meter that can measure both single and three phase devices, giving instant readings or recording and storing data for up to one week for download on to a USB memory stick. Its non-invasive 32mm CTs simply clip round cables and can monitor power factor, power, voltage or current, up to 1,000A.

k-Wattch has a wide appeal thanks to its portability and flexibility,” said Jeremy Dodge, Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management Business Manager. “It can, for example, be used to measure power consumption of specific machines in a factory to identify inefficiencies, enable trials on manufacturing controls or form part of an energy reduction programme monitoring power use before and after energy saving measures have been taken. It is particularly pertinent for users who have no permanent solution for energy monitoring in place and who require a flexible, portable system that can go virtually anywhere and give instant readings.”

k-Wattch is an addition to the Sinergy range of sub-metering systems from Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management and is based on its popular e-Tracker energy monitoring product, offering many of the same functions but more compactly and thus represents a very cost-effective package.

Added Mr Dodge: “Typically energy costs are in the top three spends for most organisations, yet in many cases companies are unable to determine exactly where this cost is incurred and therefore how to reduce it. The first step is to pinpoint exactly where and when energy is being consumed to identify potential waste. Sinergy products enable users to determine exactly where energy is going. Armed with that information they can make informed management decisions based on fact.

“Sinergy products are easy to install, non-invasive solutions that give you the ability to measure down to whatever level you require – by building, by floor, by circuit, even down to machine level.


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