Jøtul F370 High Top Gives Extended Heating Time

Saving heat costs and extending heating time is a winning combination for the newly launched Jøtul F370 High Top Concept with the new Jøtul Heating Storage System. A choice of four models are available all with an air vent at the top which when open provides heat quickly (the F371HT is pictured here). By adding the option of the ingenious Jøtul Heat Storage System to the F370 range allows the stove to retain and store heat for a longer period when the fire is out. The storage system is compact and positioned inside the top of the stove where it catches the heat produced in the burn chamber.

This innovative storing system allows the heating capacity to be further improved with better heat comfort and more efficient heat emission. But the best benefit of this system, which uses a specialist heat storage material in the high top, is that it can release extra heat up to 12 hours after the last loading of wood! Fuel saving, cost saving, climate saving and heat efficiency is the key to wood burning, and Jotul is an expert in delivering cutting edge stoves year on year The Jøtul HT inc Heat Storage System series is another triumph in the making.

The F370 HT series is now available. For further information please call Jøtul on 01527 506010.

Please refer to the company s website for a comprehensive list of their products at: www.jotuluk.com

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