Johnstone’s to continue with ‘best by test’ campaign

Leading coatings manufacturer Johnstone’s has welcomed in the New Year with a renewed commitment to its already hugely successful ‘Best By Test’ advertising campaign.

The campaign, which was launched in 2009, achieved all of its objectives by giving customers the results of independent tests to allow them to make an informed decision about which paints are best suited to their needs.

These results were used to form the basis of a trade press advertising campaign, which Johnstone’s are looking forward to building on throughout 2011.

Johnstone’s parent group, PPG Architectural Coatings UK Limited, recently announced that it had settled its dispute with ICI regarding the ‘Best By Test’ campaign and agreed a practical framework for dealing with any comparative advertising issues that might arise in the future.

PPG strenuously denied ICI's claims and also launched a counterclaim against ICI challenging the claims made over many years by ICI in relation to the spread rates of Dulux Trade paints. ICI sought damages as a result of the advertising and sought a contribution to their costs, neither of which was paid by PPG.

“The settlement represents an amicable resolution of all claims in dispute and provides a mechanism for both parties to compete in the trade paints market in an open and fair way, and to provide the best value to the consumer,” said Steve Pocock, General Manager of PPG Architectural Coatings UK Limited.

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