Johnstone’s prescribes care hospital a healthy look

Boasting a wide range of modern healthcare facilities, the state-of-the-art Redcar Primary Care Hospital has benefitted from the high performance and specialist anti bacterial qualities of leading paint manufacturer Johnstone’s Microbarr coatings.

Working in partnership with Dunningham Decorators Ltd of Sunderland the multi-million pound facility in Cleveland has been given a bright, fresh and clean environment following the use of Johnstone’s Microbarr Anti Bacterial Acrylic Eggshell. Using innovative silver ion technology, Johnstone’s Microbarr has been formulated to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria that can lead to hospital-acquired infections.

Informed by main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine that the programme had been reduced by more than eight months, Dunningham Decorators appointed Johnstone’s as its paint supplier not only for its expertise in specifying paint solutions for hospitals, but also for its ability to provide the right products on time and within the project’s strict deadlines.

Between 22 and 37 decorators worked up to 12-hour shifts over the 20-week programme and were guided by the technical specification and colour scheme documents provided by Johnstone’s technical support team – PPG Extra.

Key to the success of the project was the specification of Johnstone’s Microbarr Anti Bacterial Acrylic Eggshell for use in HTM category 1 areas, including theatres and treatment rooms. Formulated using proven silver ion technology which offers protection against over 150 strains of bacteria, Johnstone’s Microbarr has passed the stringent Japanese industry tests (JIS Z 2801) with the results showing that 99.9 % of bacteria was eradicated within 18 hours where Microbarr was used on walls and other surfaces. Unlike some chemical based coatings, which can lose their effectiveness as surfaces are repeatedly wiped down, the silver content in Microbarr cannot be removed through washing, making it an ideal long term maintenance solution. When used as part of a regular and efficient cleaning system Microbarr offers effective and enduring protection from bacterial growth.

Further to this, Johnstone’s Acrylic Eggshell was specified for doctor’s rooms, assessment areas and general waiting areas due to its durability and washable properties. Its water-based formulation containing low levels of VOCs, ensures it is an environmentally responsible, low odour and quick drying finish, making it the perfect solution for hospitals.

Both Microbarr and Acrylic Eggshell coatings were specified in a selection of bright colours for the interior areas, including bright blue, lime green, bright pink, orange and yellow which have helped to create a modern look and feel, and also help to guide both patients and visitors around.

Neil Dunningham, Director of Dunningham Decorators commented: “For such a high-profile and challenging project, it was essential that we had the best products for the job and after several meetings it soon became clear that Johnstone’s could provide everything we needed. The final paint specification not only exceeded our expectations but hopefully, also those of the client and main contractor.”

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