Johnstone’s eco range continues expansion

Leading trade paint brand Johnstone’s continues to demonstrate its commitment to the environment with ten products in its Ecological Solutions range now boasting the coveted EU Ecolabel accreditation.

Johnstone’s Dry Lining Paint and Acrylic Eggshell are the latest duo to be added to the range, in which all of the products have had their environmental credentials independently tested and verified. They join Johnstone’s Covaplus Vinyl Matt, Jonmat Premium Contract Matt, Durable Matt, Vinyl Silk, Flat Matt, Ultra High Opacity Matt, Acrylic Satin and Joncryl Water Based Primer Undercoat, who had already received the prestigious third party endorsement.

All products maintain the same high quality and performance decorators have previously enjoyed and Johnstone’s will not be adding a price premium, which means clients can continue to benefit from eco-friendly products at the same great value.

The environmental criterion behind the EU Ecolabel accreditation is tough and only the products which are kindest to the environment are entitled to carry the EU Ecolabel. These stringent rules are agreed at European level and follow wide consultation with experts and certification is approved by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs in the UK. The label itself is only awarded after verification that the product meets the rigorous environmental and performance standards.

The Ecolabel accreditation doesn’t just assess the raw ingredients in ensuring they meet strict environmental standards, but the product performance is also considered for environmental impact. This highlights that the accredited products hold numerous green benefits, such as the high opacity levels meaning that less coats, and therefore less paint, is required. The durability of the products also means that existing surfaces remain at a high quality standard for longer. Further to this, the high spread rates offered by Johnstone’s products also mean that less paint is required to cover a surface.

Paul Farrell, Johnstone’s Brand Manager, said: “We are delighted to have received the third party Ecolabel endorsement for something we have known for a long time – that our products are environmentally friendly. EU Ecolabel standards are based on several factors, including studies that analyse the impact of the products on the environment throughout their life cycle. This starts from raw material extraction in the pre-production stage, through to production, distribution and disposal. Having this accreditation gives us and our products the recognition for meeting and maintaining these high standards, whilst also helping consumers to make reliable and informed choices.

“It is important to inform our customers that the products they have been using are eco-friendly and will continue to give the same high quality performance they always have done.”

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