Jessel Innovations introduces Ecoflap sister product at Ecobuild 2011

Jessel Innovations, a small design company based in Reading, is pleased to announce a new product coming to market.

Jessel Innovations is the company that launched ‘Ecoflap’ which has been available to buy online for the last 18 months. Ecoflap is a draught excluding letterbox cover which fits on the back of an existing horizontal letterbox in a front door. Unlike other draught excluders, the Ecoflap has no brushes or violent springs. Whilst allowing large items to be posted through the aperture with the lightest of touch, the magic happens when Ecoflap falls to the closed position, providing a completely draught-proof barrier. The more draught there is, the tighter the seal thus saving on expensive energy costs.

The latest product to be launched is a fully integrated draught excluding letter box system. Whilst Ecoflap retrofits to the back of an existing letterbox, the latest ‘Ecoflap Twin’ product is an entire unit which fits into a standard size letterbox aperture. The most important application for the Ecoflap Twin is installation into doors at manufacture stage, particularly Double Glazing units as it will provide a permanent neat solution for a completely integrated zero-draught letterbox.

One of the key selling points of the Ecoflap Twin is that it can accommodate larger packages than most current letterbox systems occupying the same size aperture – a very important feature in these times of ‘internet purchasing’ trends. As neither the Ecoflap or Ecoflap Twin is equipped with brushes or springs, the postman is more inclined to post packages all the way through as opposed to leaving items wedged part-way through!

Not only is the Ecoflap brand endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust but it has also proved to be highly effective in passive housing architecture and regarded as a potential solution for zero carbon houses (you can see the results of the Ecoflap zero carbon test at

Richard Jessel, the inventor of both products, says “The science behind this revolutionary letterbox system can be applied to many different uses and I have been working on a range of follow up products which we plan to launch over the next year or so. We really want to get the Ecoflap brand into the mainstream market as we see it as the first in line of many applications for the design. The key objectives are to break into the door manufacturer market with the Ecoflap Twin, and get Ecoflap into retail stores across the country.”

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