Recognising the increased demand in the market for timber stairs for use in multi-occupancy apartments, JELD-WEN has invested in new state-of-the-art equipment for the manufacture of common flights.

The company’s dedicated stairs factory in Melton Mowbray has benefited from a quarter of a million pound investment in bespoke equipment for the production of high quality timber common flights that have been accredited to meet all relevant British Standards.

John Seragusa, general manager of JELD-WEN Stairs, explains: “We are really excited about what this means for our customers. We developed a common flight specification that met with British Standards a while ago and have been working with a number of customers to demonstrate how they make apartments more distinct and appealing to buyers. We now have the dedicated facilities and additional capacity to produce over 50 flights a week and our dedicated production, ordering and estimating teams can ensure delivery within 3-4 weeks. Our tailored service means we can respond to both small or large orders within short timeframes.”

JELD-WEN recognized the growth in new apartments as an opportunity to create a more welcoming ambience in communal areas through stunning timber staircases. The company offers two styles of staircase, a traditional stair with decorative handrail and a more contemporary design to suit more modern apartments. The company provides a made-to-measure service once an order is placed to ensure the staircase fits perfectly when delivered to site.

As well as investing in production equipment, JELD-WEN has introduced a new 3-D modeling system to enable customers to visualize how their stairs will look in-situ.

“This is really capturing developer’s imaginations about how they can make their apartments stand out from the rest as well as being stylish and inviting to occupants,” continues John Seragusa. “This is a major breakthrough that opens up huge opportunities for modern apartments and how they can be differentiated through the natural beauty of timber stairs.”

JELD-WEN offers a choice of factory finished options that enhance performance and prolong the lifespan of the staircase. Common stairs are also available pre-assembled as part of Modern Methods of Construction and with full FSC Chain of Custody Certification, on request.

Another great benefit of timber stairs is their flexibility. Unlike other materials they can be altered prior to installation if the final apartment design changes, which means there is less downtime and potentially less expense – benefits that are not lost on housebuilders.

John Seragusa adds: “This investment has now created a world-class production facility for common flights. It has enabled us to improve efficiencies in all areas and really does strengthen our position as the leading volume manufacturer of timber stairs.”

For more information on communal stairs available from JELD-WEN, contact 01664 484618 or visit the website

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