JELD-WEN has become one of the first timber window manufacturers to successfully develop an A-rated window, as part of the British Fenestration Research Council (BRFC) Energy Rating Scheme for windows in residential properties. The BRFC runs the UK Window Energy Rating scheme, which ranks windows into energy rating levels and is the Government-supported initiative aimed at installing higher performance replacement windows, with the aim of reducing energy consumption within the home.

With more people becoming aware of their own environmental footprint, along with rising fuel costs, JELD-WEN recognised the importance of being able to offer a range of high performance energy rated windows to specifiers, developers and homeowners.

“This is a fantastic result for us and is testament to the hard work and dedication of our research & development team,” said Tony Pell, Product Manager at JELD-WEN. “Timber windows are well known for being aesthetically pleasing, but this puts us in an even stronger position to demonstrate how our products are amongst the most energy efficient in the market. Timber windows really do make a compelling choice in terms of reduced energy bills and greater comfort for those choosing to renovate or to build new homes.”

JELD-WEN’s research and development department carried out all the technical calculations on the new energy rated window, involving glazing combinations, window sections and spacer bars and finally coming up with the ultimate solution.

Giles Willson, Director of the British Fenestration Research Council, explains: “With the increasing awareness of environmental issues coupled with rising fuel prices, energy saving has become a major concern for consumers. We would like to congratulate JELD-WEN on their achievements in being one of the first timber window manufacturers to develop an A-rated window, which is very good news for homeowners.”

The BFRC’s rating method takes into account all relevant factors including U-values, solar heat gain along with air leakage and enables the accurate comparison of the performance of windows under identical conditions using the Rating Band. Under this scheme, building products are graded from ‘A’ to ‘G’ with ‘A’ being the most energy efficient. JELD-WEN now offer a complete range of A-C rated windows, to suit customer needs.

Tony Pell continues: “Achieving an energy rating on our windows now allows our customers to gain a competitive edge in the market, not only by offering a high performance product but one that minimises energy usage in the home. With around 25 per cent of a home’s heat normally lost through windows, the new A-rated window provides a perfect choice for buyers looking for complete peace of mind in the performance of their window. We now have a market-leading product that will help us to generate even more opportunities with specifiers and developers.”

Achieving an A-rating means that each energy rated window can be labelled with an Energy Performance Certificate, similar to those you currently see on white goods in the home. Tony Pell continues: “The EPC label on our rated windows will simplify choice both for the housebuilder and homeowner.

The fact that EPC’s are now a mandatory requirement on all Home Information Pack (HIP) assessments makes it even more important that energy rated products are used in both new build and refurbishment projects.”

The Stormsure Ultra A-C rated windows are available on the JELD-WEN’s Sovereign Stormsure range and come with factory glazed with ventilators fitted as standard. In addition, Sovereign Stormsure windows have been classified in accordance with BS635: Part 1:1989 and Part 2:1987 achieving an exposure category of 2500. The windows are also fully accredited under the Timber Window Accreditation Scheme and are BSI Kitemarked. Additional peace of mind comes with the BS7950 Energy rated Stormsure C range. The factory glazed Vertical Sliding Sash range is also available in a range of ‘Ultra’ energy rated specifications.

The JELD-WEN energy rated windows are now available through stockists nationwide. For more information contact JELD-WEN on 0845 122 2890 or visit the website

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