Jay Watson launches new designs…

  • ‘Linger a Little Longer’ dynamic heat-sensitive table and bench
  • ‘Read All About It’ seating cube made from recycled newspaper
  • Webshop now live at www.jaywatsondesign.com

Remember when you were scolded for not using a coaster? Worry no more….
The intriguing ‘Linger a Little Longer’ Table and Bench and is a deceptively understated design with a dynamic twist. Making entertaining that bit more fun (while also commenting on how ‘precious’ we can become about the functionality of furniture, or how oblivious we can be to every effect we have on our environment) the thermochromic finish of the table and benches responds to the heat of any plate, mug, dish – or body part – to leave an ephemeral ‘watermark.’

Reacting once contact with the lacquered surface of the 6-8 seater table reaches 27 degrees, the heat can create all kinds of familiar, humorous  and fascinating patterns, that gradually fade from a pale grey back to a deep black finish at room temperature. Working beautifully with the grain of the solid, locally sourced chestnut timber, these rings, smudges, fingerprints and patterns make this design a talking point.  A coffee table version is also available (plus bespoke commissions are possible..)

More designs making the news…
Another talking piece is the Jay Watson ‘Read-All-About-It’ seat, a cube style ottoman made entirely from recycled newspaper.  This fresh, funky and forward-thinking piece of furniture can either be made to order (the cost is only in the labour), but is also intended as a 'giveaway' design idea - the instructions for creating one at home are  available on request..

Constructed entirely from newspaper, the 45cm square seat is remarkably sturdy. The outer cover is made from recycled strips of folded paper, treated with a binder and a fire-retardant finish, while the interior is densely packed with tightly crushed paper. Once no longer needed the entire piece can be recycled again in the normal way.

Lighting the way
Also now available, an even more energy-efficient version of Jay’s popular Anemoi lights. Casting an ethereal spell of shadow and diffused light, the Anemoi pendant uplighters exploit the low carbon elegance of LEDs and the malleability of Corian® to beautiful effect.

The decorative ceiling-hung fittings are available in a choice of five translucent ‘Ice’ colours and three sizes from 45x18cm to 71x30cm (or as clusters configured on request.) The shade is removable for easy cleaning and the exposed metalwork is Anodised Aluminium. Fully dimmable on standard systems, the High Brightness LEDs offer a colour temperature of 4000k and are rated for 100,000 hours.  The enhanced LED capability of the new Anemoi lamps is sponsored by Luminit from Acal technology.

These products and other select pieces, either in production or made to order, are available to buy from the new webshop, live at jaywatsondesign.com

Retail Prices: 
Dining Table and 2 Benches: £1,850
Read All About It: £280
Anemoi Lights:  From £595

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