James Latham’s Moralt activity boosts PassivHaus plans

James Latham’s range of Moralt door-blanks has become available from every Lathams site for the first time, with the company putting the investment down to demand for their unrivalled range of fire, accoustic and thermal doors.

The increase in stock is a result of the greater demand for  their Firesound doors, which are fire rated and feature excellent sound insulation. As an added boost, Latham’s Moralt Klima door-blanks are turning the heads of Architects involved in PassivHaus projects and are increasingly being used in the construction of highly insulated, self-heating houses.

Engineered to meet stringent new building regulations, the Klima thermally insulating door blank has an unrivalled U-Value of 0.89. It is so well insulated that Architects believe it could be the answer to helping the ideal house retain more heat than it loses.

Group Door Manager Steve Frommont said: “This is the first time James Latham has been able to service every part of mainland UK with Moralt and this is having a real impact on sales.

“The two star performers are our Firesound and Klima door-blanks which are attractive to two very different markets. For public buildings that need to pay attention to their acoustics, Firesound offers the perfect balance between sound and safety, whereas for those searching for exceptional insulation, Klima can help to help create the self-heating house of the future.”

For more information on James Latham, Moralt or the fire, thermal and acoustic testing process, please phone 0116 527 3415, email marketing@lathams.co.uk or visit www.lathamtimber.co.uk   

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