James Latham announces expansion following In-depth industry testing

James Latham, the UK’s largest timber and panel products distributor, continually aims to provide the very best in quality and choice for its customers and is pleased to announce the expansion of its Moralt core product range.

Following a highly successful period of fire and acoustic testing, the James Latham Group and leading German door core manufacturer, Moral Tischlerplatten, are pleased to announce the launch of an addition to the ground breaking acoustic door core range – the Finess Firesound Db40. Resembling the earlier Finesse specification, it’s a woodworking product simply converted with general workshop capability.

Following the successful launch of the Db41 in 2009, the Finesse Firesound dB40 recognises the trade preference for a 54mm thick product. Achieving 40dB without vision panels and 39dB with vision panels, this versatile core can be used in both single and pair configurations. The combination of acoustic/spruce lamincore faced with chipboard, provides a stable construction which can be easily further worked and is able to meet the demands of high end acoustic specifications.

Additionally, and after further testing, the Moralt Lamincore FD 30 has again met with success. James Latham is pleased to report that testing in Rosenheim, Germany, to EN 1634-1 2000 has further increased the options to specifiers using Moralt products. This applies to the 44mm thick core and embraces both timber and steel frames.

Benefits include a wide variety of leaf sizes, within the leaf size envelope, of 5m, plus possible single door +OP  and 4.8m in double door +OP, latched configurations only, single acting single doors and single acting double doors, square and rebated meeting edges and side panels and over panel-large sizes.

Further offerings include a wide range of glass options, ladder and circular apertures, flush glazing and the use of electronic closers and finger print technology locks.

Bill Blacklock, Panel Products Sales Manager, commented: “The intensive testing now offers specifiers and designers the ability to push the boundaries in door design. We’re also delighted to announce that Moralt has passed the CDTM01 Classification for Service Life and we’re well on course to achieve DD 171 sever duty rating, which means the product will be certified to use in educational establishments, hospitals and a wide variety of public buildings.”

For more information on James Latham, Moralt or the fire and acoustic and testing process, please phone 0116 527 3415, email marketing@lathams.co.uk or visit www.lathams.co.uk

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