Jaga’s Mini Canal Heats Contemporary Lancaster University Facility in Style

Ledbury, The new information technology laboratory at Lancaster University is filled with state of the art equipment, and heating is no exception with the innovative Mini Canal from Jaga Heating Products used extensively. The fast response of the Low-H2O trench heating neutralises the cold draught from the glass walls and the reacts rapidly to any change in temperature, ensuring optimal climactic comfort.

Haden Young, mechanical and electrical engineers, selected the Mini Canal as a heating solution that would not only provide superior temperature management but would also complement the modern architecture of the building and prevent condensation from building up on the sizeable windows. Haden Young installed 41 Mini Canals throughout the building, in the spacious reception area, restaurant, seminar rooms and multiple occupancy offices, all fitted adjacent to fully glazed walls.

Peter Foreshaw, Haden Young Site Foreman, said, “The Mini Canal is the ideal choice for a project, such as the Lancaster University information technology edifice, with massive expanses of glass. I am impressed with the heating capability of the Mini Canal, as well as the extensive selection of grilles, that allowed us to match the product perfectly to the design of the space.”

The Mini Canal, which is designed to be installed into a duct and easily concealed flush with the surrounding floor, leaves nearby glazing completely clear of condensation. By incorporating Low H2O technology, the radiator delivers maximum performance with minimum fuel consumption. It provides an elegant, unobtrusive heating solution for locations with large windows, offices, conservatories, shop windows and industrial rooms.

Slim and discretely designed, the Mini Canal comes in a staggering 588 dimensions, 21 grille models and 32 colours to blends into every interior. Special designs are also available including angles, curves and special adaptations for pipe work and electrical trunking.

Offering heat outputs varying from 200 to 1000 watts per metre, the Mini Canal can be used as a primary heat source, compatible with all central heating installations, but also to augment other radiators, air conditioning or underfloor heating. The Mini Canal range is complemented by the fan-assisted Clima Canal and the deeper Canal Plus range for maximum output.

Further information: Jaga Heating Products UK Ltd, Orchard Business Park, Bromyard Road, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 1LG. Tel: 01531 631533. Fax: 01531 631534. E-mail:jaga@jaga.co.uk. Web: www.theradiatorfactory.com

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