Jaga Oxygen system breathes new life into poorly ventilated rooms

Jaga Heating Products has delivered another true innovation in the UK heating industry with the launch of Oxygen. This revolutionary new intelligent radiator not only delivers powerful yet energy-efficient heating output but also creates a balanced cycle of clean fresh air in any room where it is used.

It is anticipated that the Jaga Oxygen radiator will help resolve the problem for UK HVAC professionals of being able to deliver heating, maintain excellent air quality and provide draught-free ventilation at a capital and lifetime cost well below that of air conditioning. Consequently, the Jaga Oxygen radiator is ideal for use in a variety of locations including universities, colleges and schools - where the healthy fresh air improves concentration - as well as in smart homes, conference rooms, libraries, call centres and general offices.

‘Given continual media attention on the performance of students in class, this product launch could not be more timely. The Oxygen radiator provides a solution for designers in schools, and elsewhere, who are looking to overcome the age-old problem of providing good air quality and heating without sacrificing comfort or increasing power usage,’ said Phil Marris, Director & General Manager, Jaga Heating Products UK. He continued: ‘The Oxygen system measures, analyses and regulates the entire indoor climate by delivering a clean cycle of energy efficient air that will knowingly or unknowingly be appreciated by everyone in the room or zone.’

As well as lack of concentration and aggression being caused by poor ventilation, an excessive build up of CO2 indoors can also lead to complaints such as lethargy, headaches and nausea. Furthermore, high humidity due to poor air circulation results in condensation - the ideal breeding ground for mildew and dust mites.

To combat the symptoms of a stuffy room, simply opening a window to ventilate the indoor environment is rarely the best solution even when air conditioning can be afforded. In the heating season, heat escapes through an open window, and there will be noise pollution from outside and an increased security risk.

The new alternative is the Oxygen system which features Oxygen Refresh decentralised supply units - built into Jaga’s patented Low-H2O radiators - which suck in outside air and filter it. The Oxygen Master central control unit then regulates balanced intake and exhaust of air room by room while a third component, the Oxygen Exhaust unit directs stale or moist air outdoors. The other key component of the new technology is the Oxygen Sensor which controls the whole system and continuously measures the air quality and/or humidity. When CO2 or humidity levels reach an unsatisfactory level, Oxygen replaces the existing stale or moist air in the room with new clean air.

The Oxygen radiator is ideally suited for installation in hospitals, smart homes or internal environments where people who are prone to allergies are present. The Oxygen radiator is fitted with specialised air filters which significantly reduce the amount of allergy causing pollen that enters the room compared to an open window. Furthermore, given that Oxygen system does not use air supply ducts commonly found in hospitals, the Oxygen radiator is successful in providing ventilation and warmth without the threat of cross contamination and helps reduce the spread of superbugs like MRSA.

Ahead of the UK implementation of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, a further key aspect of the Jaga Oxygen radiator is the positive impact it has on the environment. With Oxygen radiators, the amount of ventilation depends on how stale the air is in each and every room where units are installed, and hence rooms with clean air are not ventilated unnecessarily. Research in Holland shows that this results in an improvement in the Energy Performance Coefficient from 0.15 to 0.20. This in turn means that energy consumption falls by 15 to 20%, saving both money and the environment.

Oxygen delivers demand driven ventilation and heating guaranteeing indoor comfort as a pleasant temperature is maintained without a draught. Furthermore, during hot summer months Oxygen’s boost function can be used to deliver natural and effective night-time cooling.

Finally, the user-friendly interface of Oxygen radiators mean that they are simple to operate and can either be controlled from one point for an entire building/zone or alternatively programmed and controlled room by room. Ease of installation is a further benefit with no extra wiring required for retrofits and refurbishments as the existing mains system is used to communicate across the system via a PC connection.

Further information: Jaga Heating Products UK Ltd, Orchard Business Park, Bromyard Road, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 1LG. Tel: 01531 631533. Fax: 01531 631534. E-mail:jaga@jaga.co.uk. Web: www.theradiatorfactory.com

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