Jaga Launches All-In- One Heating, Cooling, Ventilating Trench System

The all-new Jaga Quatro Canal provides M & E professionals with the opportunity to design in powerful heating, cooling and ventilation services all from a single trench system.


Equally suitable for use with either traditional boiler or low temperature renewable heating systems and designed for use in a 4-pipe set-up, the Quatro Canal is stylishly contemporary-looking yet discrete and measures just 270mm wide to minimize the visual impact on a building’s design and layout.

Each Quatro Canal unit includes a dynamic 4-pipe heat exchanger and up to four tangential thermic activators - which can be controlled by a building management system or simple room thermostat – to provide an effortless transition from heating to cooling or vice versa. Due to the very low water content of the heat exchanger, and its high capacity, the Quatro Canal also reacts immediately to changes in room temperature, heating or cooling as required.


Four sizes of Quatro Canal are initially available in lengths of 800mm, 1080mm, 1600mm and 1800mm respectively. The largest of these options delivers over 3.5kW heating, at 75°C flow, 55°C return and 20°C desired room temperature or cooling of 1088W at 7°C flow, 12°C return and 25°C room temperature – non condensing, although with the integral condensate tray, condensation is not a problem.


Despite this powerful output, the Quatro Canal is all but inaudible in operation at 30db(A) and remarkably compact too. As well as its slim width, a depth of just 130mm ensures that the Quatro Canal can be installed in many shallow or restricted floor voids in either new build or refurbishment projects. Furthermore, the Quatro is available with telescopic feet making it easy to adjust the height of the unit to align perfectly with raised floors.


To further blend the trench into its surroundings, a range of wooden, natural aluminium and lacquer coated aluminium grilles are available for the Quatro Canal. In all cases, the choice of grille does not affect the output of the trench unit.


The Quatro Canal is part of Jaga’s recently launched Hybrid range. An alternative product that can also be used for heating/cooling/ventilation on a 2-pipe system is the Jaga Clima Canal.

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