Jaga Brings Beauty and Brains to the Heating Industry

Ledbury, 16 May 2006: Jaga Heating Products has today unveiled the stylish new Knockonwood Freestanding DBE radiator. An attractive alternative to trench heating for use in front of windows or large glazed areas, this beautiful, contemporarily designed wooden radiator is small and compact yet offers powerful heating performance.

An intelligent low water content (Low-H20) radiator; the Knockonwood Freestanding DBE features two of Jaga's most significant recent innovations. It combines the attractive wooden casing of the award winning Knockonwood, which was the UK's first wooden radiator, and Jaga's energy-efficient Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) technology.

The result is a heating system that will provide a stunning centre-piece in any location thanks to its sleek wooden casing and, with a height of just 21 cm, one that does not disrupt the clean lines or visual harmony of large windows when viewed from the exterior.

The DBE technology has specifically designed intelligent thermal activators that fit onto the Low-H2O heat exchanger inside the radiator and give far more precise climatic control than a traditional steel panel radiator through the provision of both automatic natural comfort heating and dynamic boost output.

These DBE activators are all noiseless in operation and are controlled by a microprocessor based comfort unit and sensors which detect the ambient temperature. The comfort control unit is pre-programmed with eight different profiles to suit the likely needs of different areas of a building such as living, sleeping or food preparation areas.

The Knockonwood Freestanding DBE radiator has a stylish panel typically located on the top of the radiator casing with a button to manually start or stop the boost function. It also contains LEDs that instantly indicate whether the radiator is in boost or comfort mode.

The Freestanding Knockonwood DBE also has environmental benefits. A typical house-hold using products with the energy-efficient DBE technology can reduce its C02 emissions by as much as a tonne per anuum compared to a similar house equipped with traditional steel panel radiators. Savings of between 15 to 25% on energy bills are a further benefit.

As part of Jaga's leadership in environmentally responsible building, living and heating, the company plants one tree for every Knockonwood Freestanding DBE radiator sold. Jaga plants Robinia trees, a fast growing species and one of the best carbon dioxide absorbers, as a symbol of its commitment to the environment. The Knockonwood is made only of wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, signifying that the timber comes from a well-managed forest.

Phil Marris, Director and General Manager of Jaga Heating Products UK commented that the new Knockonwood Freestanding DBE is "the perfect combination of form and function".

Further information: Jaga Heating Products UK Ltd, Orchard Business Park, Bromyard Road, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 1LG. Tel: 01531 631533. Fax: 01531 631534. Email:jaga@jaga.co.uk. Web: www.theradiatorfactory.com

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