Jaga adds DBE intelligence to give heating a boost

Ledbury, - Jaga Heating Products has unveiled a revolutionary leap forward in heating solutions with the launch of DBE (Dynamic Boost Effect) intelligent thermal activators. It is believed that this development makes Jaga the first radiator manufacturer to add the advantages of intelligent dynamic systems to its range of radiators.

The specially designed DBE intelligent thermal activators are designed to fit onto the LowH2O heat exchanger which is incorporated in the majority of the company’s products. The result is a heating solution that gives far more precise climatic control through the provision of both automatic natural comfort heating and dynamic boost output. While the exact increase in output with DBE will differ according to the model and size of Jaga radiator, indicative of the boost power of a DBE radiator is that in the case of the Strada Type 16 H35 L100 radiator the output jumps from 1593 Watts up to 3193 Watts with DBE.

Three different DBE activators are available to suit Jaga’s standard heat exchangers. All are noiseless in operation - with an output of less than 30 decibels when operating in standard comfort mode – and up to six DBE activators can be added to a single LowH2O heating element.

The DBE activators are controlled by a microprocessor based comfort control unit and sensors which detect the ambient temperature. The comfort control unit is pre-programmed with eight different profiles to suit the likely needs of different areas of a house or building such as living, sleeping or food preparation areas. A PC link facilitates custom configuration to particular comfort levels.

Interface with the DBE radiator is through a stylish panel typically located on the top of the radiator casing. This interface has a button to manually start or stop the boost function and LEDs that indicate whether the radiator is in boost or comfort mode.

Phil Marris, Director and General Manager of Jaga Heating Products UK commented that key to the performance excellence of DBE was the relationship between the thermostat and the DBE activator. He said, ‘DBE is a breakthrough in intelligent temperature management. The DBE unit works in unison with the room thermostat to deliver intelligent temperature regulation.’

The DBE unit and room thermostat operate in a master (thermostat) / slave (DBE unit) philosophy. The DBE (slave) unit detects the need for higher heat output by sensing a drop in room temperature and the water temperature in the heat exchanger. The thermal activators (smart fans) modulate their operating speed in response to the need for heat given a decrease in room temperature.

A further operational advantage is that whereas traditional steel panel radiators tend to heat up the walls around the radiator before heating up the room, DBE enabled radiators with their intelligent thermal activators and LowH2O technology, ensure perfect temperature spread and improved air circulation throughout the entire room.

With the launch of DBE, Jaga also leads the drive towards energy-saving heating and sustainability. DBE radiators perform very effectively in low flow temperature regimes and with all modern modulating condensing boilers. This energy saving aspect of Jaga’s DBE radiator range correlates also directly into cost savings for building owner or occupier as the installation of DBE radiators can save an average household between 15 to 25% on its energy bills every year.

Similarly the advent of DBE technology is also a win for the environment. When compared to a private residence heated with traditional steel panel radiators, a house heated by DBE technology emits approximately 1.5 tons less of the environmentally damaging CO2 gas per annum.

The range of DBE radiators that Jaga currently produces includes the sleek Strada DBE, the innovative Knockonwood DBE, the Built-in DBE, the Canal Compact DBE and the ultra- powerful Mini Canal DBE. Each of these small but powerful DBE radiators is up to 9 times faster than traditional steel panel radiators in delivering desired room temperature levels.

DBE activators can also be retrofitted into the existing range of Low-H2O radiators. This means that previously installed Low-H2O radiators can now be upgraded to deliver the additional benefits of Dynamic Boost Effect technology.

Further information: Jaga Heating Products UK Ltd, Orchard Business Park, Bromyard Road, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 1LG. Tel: 01531 631533. Fax: 01531 631534. E-mail:jaga@jaga.co.uk. Web: www.theradiatorfactory.com

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