Legrand has focused attention on the widespread use of its cable management products and systems in transport infrastructure projects by launching a transport solutions brochure.

The new publication highlights the company’s wealth of experience in delivering both standard and bespoke cable management solutions for projects that range from mainline train routes, underground stations and tunnels, to airport terminals, ferry ports and bus stations, plus road and rail bridges.

Matt Crunden, a Legrand marketing manager, said: “We are the global leader in cable management, have the widest range of standard products and system available and a proven ability to deliver innovative bespoke solutions in order to meet specific, and often complicated, project requirements. As such, we really should be the first port of call for all transport infrastructure projects.”

The company’s excellence in this sector is illustrated in the publication by a selection of project case studies, which include Dublin Airport, The Millau Viaduct and King’s Cross northern ticket hall. The latter being a project that saw Legrand develop a modular cable management system comprising two dimensional frames that were constructed using Swiftrack channel support, S1095 London Underground Salamandre cable trunking with chain retained lids, and Swifts cable tray.

In addition to these project examples, the brochure provides detailed information on Legrand’s key cable management solutions for transport infrastructure, including Swifts ladder, perforated tray and wire tray, and Salamandre trunking.

Legrand has a 15 per cent share of the global cable management market and a 19 per cent share of the global wiring device market, making the company the world leader in both areas.

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