It’s Easy Being Green With Double-Recycled Worktops

Sustainable home building and improvement is set to be one of the decade’s prevailing trends, with 45% of new projects reportedly using green materials and the mantra ‘renovate not raze’ being widely adopted. Kitchen worktops company Granite Transformations is enthusiastically meeting this upsurge in consumer demand, with a growing range of eco-sustainable products made from recycled materials.

Its latest Trend G Bianco Spizzio and Beige Supreme surfaces have notable credentials as décor materials that help conserve resources and cut down on waste. First, they are made from recycled glass mosaic tile fragments, which are themselves produced from post-consumer recycled glass, making them doubly green. Second, these surfaces are made to fit on top of existing worktops, so there is no demolition and no contribution to landfill waste. Neither do these scratch, stain, heat and impact resistant materials need regular resealing with chemicals and waxes, nor any maintenance whatsoever, except for an occasional wipe with a clean E-cloth (which will even be provided).

Both new Granite Transformations Trend G designs, which are equally suitable for renovating a tired bathroom or shower, are in line with this season’s natural and neutral tones. Bianco Spizzio is a creamy white backdrop, littered with sun-bleached fragments and dreamy greys; while Beige Supreme projects shards of golden yellow, scattered across a soft, white sandy bed. Either is perfect for adding ‘beachcomber’ eco-chic to a remodelled kitchen or bathroom, possibly teamed with bright blues, earth browns or bolder shades.

What makes these green credentials possible is Granite Transformations’ unique production process, which in itself consumes significantly less raw material and creates tough, slimline slabs that can be bonded directly onto old worktops, without extra reinforcement. These agglomerate surfaces are composed mainly of natural raw materials, in this instance recycled glass mosaic tiles, blended with 3-4 per cent high performance polymer, which unlike cement-based products never needs sealing, are not susceptible to staining and are inherently tough and flexible. Virtually unrecognisable in the final, diamond-polished surface, the translucent glass mosaic fragments, themselves containing 80% post-consumer recycled content, introduce subtle variations in tone, light and shade, with no two slabs exactly alike.

What’s more, these Granite Transformations surfaces are fabricated off-site in a workshop, avoiding all the mess and inconvenience caused by working in the customer’s home, and the final fitting usually takes only one or two days in a standard size kitchen or bathroom. Finally, proving that it can be easy being green, there’s even a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Trend G recycled glass worktops are available exclusively from Granite Transformations showrooms around the country.

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