Isover announces industry first with thermal bypass solution

Isover, the leading developer of sustainable insulation solutions designed to protect both the natural and the built environment, has announced an industry first with the launch of the only Robust Detail accredited dry-finish acoustic wall construction which also provides a thermal bypass solution to meet Part L 2010 (Approved Document L1A, Table 3).

Robust Detail E-WM-20 separating wall construction incorporates 100mm Isover RD Party Wall Roll.  It meets the full-fill requirements for a zero U-value now specified for party walls in Part L1A Building Regulations when installed correctly and accompanied with effective edge sealing.  In addition, it is the only system of its kind to offer four credits towards the Code for Sustainable Homes and offers unrivalled acoustic performance, 8dB above the current 45 dB Part E requirements.

E-WM-20 incorporating Isover RD Party Wall Roll eliminates the need for pre-completion testing and does not require plaster or parge coating prior to drylining.  In addition, the insulation is supplied in roll format, minimising vertical joints and providing a practical solution to give faster installation and more accurate job costing.

RD Party Wall Roll is also approved for use in four additional Robust Detail party wall constructions incorporating a range of block types including lightweight aggregate, Plasmor Aglite Ultra and Aircrete.  Constructions incorporating RD Party Wall Roll have been used on over 3,000 plots to date, offering a tried and tested solution with which to meet thermal bypass and acoustic performance requirements.

Stacey Davis, marketing director for Saint-Gobain Isover, comments: “Until the 2010 Part L revisions it was thought no heat was lost from attached properties through the party wall, with the assumption being that it was simply transferred between the two buildings.  However, research has proven that this is not the case with cavities between the walls providing a chimney effect to result in heat loss.  As a result, the revised Building Regulations have assigned a notional U-value of 0.5 to party walls

“House builders using Robust Detail constructions incorporating RD Party Wall Roll to achieve acoustic regulations can now be confident that these constructions will help to deliver a zero U-value to meet these Part L 2010 requirements. Saint-Gobain Isover is the only insulation manufacturer to provide a full-fill dry-finish thermal bypass solution, providing customers with a time and cost saving solution to meet their needs.”

Manufactured under a Quality Assurance Scheme in accordance with EN ISO 19001: 2008 Isover RD Party Wall Roll has a BRE Green Guide A+ Summary Rating and a Euroclass A1 fire rating.

Isover offers a range of high performance insulation products designed to meet thermal, acoustic and fire safety requirements for the built environment.  The company is committed to continuously improving the way in which its products and processes impact on the natural environment and is the only glass mineral wool manufacturer to achieve the maximum possible recycled content, 86 per cent, using recycled glass that would otherwise go to landfill.

The company’s market-leading efficiency means less energy is used in the manufacturing process and the use of Isover insulation helps to reduce emissions.  Products also boast ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and GWP (Global Warming Potential) ratings of zero.  Its three point plan for environmental sustainability ensures that Isover and its products, in manufacture and when in-situ, use less materials, less energy and produce less emissions.

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