Dutch architect envisages building cities from salt

Dutch architect Eric Geboers began The Salt Project in 2015, a biomimetic design which envisions using saltwater to create sustainable buildings in Qatar, providing a solution to tackle the region's ongoing desertification.

Photo credits: Eric Geboers

Geboers’ project aims to build a sustainable, self-supporting community of "salt towns" in Lusail, north of Doha. As saltwater is an abundant, locally available resource, the buildings, envisaged to be finished in 2035, will be a valuable addition to the existing ecosystem.

Geboers intends to pump up seawater and via "seaweed greenhouses" utilize the solar energy to distil water and make it suitable for growing crops and human consumption. The water is also used to grow algae, providing a beneficial microclimate for native desert plants to grow.

The salty residue (which the plants don’t absorb), will be constructed into building materials- salt blocks which will be coated with a waterproof material to prevent them from dissolving. The thin white salt panels reflect the sunlight, which is of great benefit to inhabited desert environments.

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By Anna Marks 


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