Ironmongery Direct doesn’t screw about!

For every £150 spent in August 2009, Ironmongery Direct will be giving away a tester pack, containing 600 Reisser R2 Cutter woodscrews – completely free of charge. Top brand REISSER is a one of the latest additions to the 600 page catalogues’ specialist Screws & Fixings range, out in September.

Due to its sharp 25º point, the Reisser R2 has the ability to penetrate almost all types of timber, meaning tradesmen can immediately get to work without needing to make a pilot hole.

The wide, deep-lubricated thread means there can be a 40% reduction in driving resistance, making the screw much easier to use. The reinforced collar prevents snapping and provides enough depth for a wide, deep ‘pozi’ to be inserted, thus reducing the risk of ‘cam out’.

All Reisser R2 screws are Yellow Tropicalized, giving 20 times more rust resistance than standard BZP screws. The screw’s ribs and tucks enable it to sit flush and tight without surface damage to the timber.

Ironmongery Direct holds more than 11,500 products in stock, all available for next day delivery.

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