Introducing – The Glazing Vision Smokevent Rooflight

Glazing Vision (GV), the original frameless glass rooflight manufacturer, is delighted to introduce to their opening rooflights portfolio, the new safety oriented Smokevent Rooflight.

Build to exacting BS EN 12101 standards the new Smokevent rooflight is integral to any smoke evacuation strategy providing essential smoke ventilation from common access corridors and stairs in both residential and commercial buildings alike. Automatic opening ventilators with a minimum “free area” of either 1m2 or 1.5 m2 are routinely required in the UK to enable compliance with the Building Regulations and the new GV smokevent delivers as a safety critical product on all levels.

The Smokevent’s unique features include three prime positions: Closed (0°), Vent Open (45°) and Fire Open (145°) with the normal operating range being between closed and vent for regular use. The Fire Open position will be triggered when the fire alarm (connected to the rooflight) is activated and in case of alarm failure a secondary system of on-board temperature sensors will open the vent to 145° when the ambient temperature reaches 72°C. - ensuring maximum ventilation for smoke extraction and safety in all situations.

A truly unique safety feature of the technical design is the secondary battery and audible alarm system. If the power to run the system fails (due to power cut) then the battery and audible alarm will continue to open the rooflight using the temperature sensor as the trigger. The audible alarm also alerts the resident to a mains fault.

As with all Glazing Visions’ innovative opening rooflights – the smokevent can be operated using the OneTouch system initiated by the operating switch, remote control or integrated into a Building Management System encouraging ease of use and convenience for all.

The Smokevent is truly a hybrid product - encompassing many of the original features of Glazing Visions Visionvent with the added safety features and BS EN 12101 standard The full range of optional extras such as rainsensors, remote control and operating systems can all be incorporated into this key smoke evacuation product allowing customers to fully personalise the Smokevent to their own bespoke standards.

Glazing Vision is keen to emphasise safety in the home and workplace and with the new Smokevent rooflight can help all their customers achieve this.

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