Creda has launched Proline - a comprehensive range of towel rails from the famous heating specialist; in not one, but two fuel-types. The Proline PE models for electric systems and the Proline PW for wet systems. Offering professional standards of design and finish, the Proline range is styled to suit bath and shower-rooms in modern homes, contemporary refurbishments of all kinds and the exacting requirements of the hotel and leisure industries. Creda is offering the widest choice with electric and wet system towel rails, available in chrome or white finish, with modern curved or classic straight designs.

The Proline PE range offers a choice of 24 electric fluid-filled towel rails each with full 22mm rail diameter. Straight or modern curved styles are available in six rail sizes – three heights, each in two widths.

Designed for wall mounting, Creda Proline towel rails are always supplied with factory fitted element and cable to ensure compliance with stringent safety and performance standards.

Creda’s Proline PW range of towel rails is identical in design and styling to the PE range, with two important differences – the PW has no fluid fill or electrical elements, rather the range is designed for seamless connection to any wet central heating system. However, In addition a dual-fuel conversion kit is available should the user wish to switch seasonally to electric power.

Both ranges are available in chrome or white finish, in curved or straight designs. With a wide choice of heights and widths, there is a model to suit each and every application and taste.

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