Introducing Mats from Dik Geurts: a lean and contemporary wood stove with built-in energy-saving technology

Dik Geurts Haardkachels B.V. has launched a new wood stove that stands out not only for its distinctive design and surprisingly large number of extras, but also for the unique EcoLight® system that tells you whether you are burning wood responsibly.

Dik Geurts has been investing in the environment for many years by providing its wood fires with clean burning technology. With the new 'Mats' wood stove and patented EcoLight® system, the company is helping consumers to heat their homes in a responsible manner. The EcoLight® display is located on the front of the stove and has LED indicators that show whether the fire is at the right temperature for optimum burning, thus producing minimum particulate emissions.

A few minutes after the stove is lit the EcoLight® lights up in blue. If you are stoking the fire correctly, the indicator will gradually move into the green zone. If the EcoLight® remains blue or moves back from green to blue, you know that you must stoke the fire more strongly or add some wood. If you continue burning too long in the blue zone, it means that burning is not occurring optimally and will result in higher particulate emissions. The purpose of the red indicator is to prevent you from overloading the stove. Keeping the EcoLight® in the green zone tells you that you are using the stove responsibly and enables you to enjoy your wood fire with a reassuring feeling.

Besides the EcoLight® system the individual design of the Mats features a surprisingly large number of extras. Among other things the foot of the stove has a small removable door housing a set of mini-accessories on the inside: a poker and wood gripper. These accessories are supplied as options. The space behind the door is ideally usable as a wood compartment. You can use it to conceal your wood pile elegantly 'inside' the stove. But if you find it more attractive to see a pile of robust woodblocks below the stove as an extra decoration, you can simply remove the door and create an 'open' wood compartment.

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