Introducing Frameglaze

Introducing Frameglaze

Combining unobtrusive, frameless design with secure, weatherproof construction , Frameglaze allows you to realise your design visions without compromise. By concealing fixings, connections and components behind a ceramic band, Frameglaze allows for a contemporary, minimalist approach to glazing while still offering thermal efficiency, security and functionality.

Simple, Elegant, Efficient

Designed to help you realise your architectural vision, Frameglaze’s frameless glass system offers all of the visual and aesthetic benefits of a single pane glass panel with all of the security and efficiency of double glazing.

Inspired by Apple’s distinctive designs, Frameglaze’s revolutionary frameless double-glazed panels conceals frames and fixings with a ceramic band of paint, available in any RAL colour, to ensure a continually reflective surface with no interruption.

By hermetically sealing two glass panels around these hidden frames, Frameglaze panels are able to exceed the highest of energy efficiency and safety standards, while offering a high acoustic rating.

As external features or internal partitioning, Frameglaze provides a visually striking, slimline appearance while still retaining unbeatable functionality.

Frameglaze The Key Points

  • Oversized construction – up to 6m
  • Low U-values – less than 1.4w/m² ºC achievable
  • Part L Building Regulation and MINERGIE® standards compliance
  • Secure, safe, and suitable for kinetic and automated façades
  • Fully concealed fixings, connections and components

Aesthetics versus performance shouldn’t be a compromise. Frameglaze allows you the best of both, allowing for unobstructed views and natural light while still benefiting from peerless construction, security and weatherproofing.

For further information on realising your vision with Frameglaze, contact Rod Milicevic on 0845 0745736 or email today for a no-obligation consultation.

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