Cinier incorporates contemporary sculpture and historical imagery to create radiators that resemble ‘works of art!’ The Cinier collection is made from Olycale stone - reconstituted stone which has the benefit of being a natural material that is an efficient conductor of heat, durable and is also aesthetically pleasing!

Radiators are now taking on a new dimension in the home. They are no longer purely practical; they provide an interesting design feature to enhance the interior of any room. !

Radiating Style has a reputation for producing unique radiators and towel rails in traditional and contemporary designs. Its product spectrum is vast, ranging from the conventional styles through to modern master pieces! The team of in house designers are also thinking ahead in terms of both design and functionality which is reflected in the product offering. !

Originality is paramount. Radiating Style ensure that the designs are full of imagination and always practical, providing high thermal efficiency whilst allowing plenty of scope for customisation. !

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