Into the rift! e4 brick house™ showcased with Oculus Rift

As part of its showcase of the e4 brick house™ concept, Wienerberger – the leading provider of wall, roof and landscaping innovations – is employing cutting edge technology, Oculus Rift, to showcase its vision for the future of sustainable house building. 

To present the concept, Wienerberger is using Oculus Rift, a headset that displays a 3D augmented-reality version of the e4 brick house™.

The use of Oculus Rift, which has been specially imported from the United States, presents Wienerberger with the ability to offer an in-depth tour of the house, whilst showcasing the project in insurmountable detail and depth.

The content has been rendered using BIM software, which ensures that the virtual tour can only be surpassed by a physical tour of the property, which is currently under construction at BRE’s Innovation Park.

Visitors to Wienerberger’s stand at Ecobuild were lucky enough to take the first tours using Oculus Rift.

Richard Bishop, Category Marketing Manager at Wienerberger, commented:

"Oculus Rift is a fantastic resource and the perfect medium for presenting a project as forward thinking as the e4 brick house™. The e4 house is an important step in solving the question of sustainable house building in the UK, however as the first of its kind is still under construction, we felt that video and literature could never fully demonstrate the scope of the project.

By investing in this technology we are able to take the e4 brick house™ around the country and showcase just what is possible for the future of housing."

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