Intesio’s one stop shop saves time and money

Selecting a complete Intesio stormwater management solution from Wavin can save time and effort as shown by the recent development of a new carpet warehouse in Diss, Norfolk.

The combination of an AquaCell Core attenuation tank, Channel, UltraRib, and Tegra products formed an intelligent, effective solution to meet the exact drainage requirements of the site.

John Boyes, contracts manager for John Doe Carpets said: “Intesio priced the whole water management project which saved me about three days time and effort in having to source individual components for drainage, surface water management and attenuation. That was a real benefit for me.

“I used to be a gas engineer and plumber before becoming a contracts manager so I’ve used Wavin products – particularly OsmaDrain – for around 30 years,” continued John. “I’ve always considered Wavin to be one of the top plastics drainage companies in the UK so I was confident that I would receive a top quality solution for this project.”

Mike Shaw, head of marketing at Wavin, explained: “Intesio harnesses the skills, experience and credentials of established names such as OSMA and Wavin to ensure we’re ready to contribute at any stage in a project with one central goal – to help achieve the optimum project outcome. Our in-depth experience, design insight and proven system technology is applied wherever required to ensure each installed system achieves maximum efficiency in terms of cost, integrated function and full compliance with the latest regulatory criteria.”

The AquaCell stormwater management system comprises individual infiltration modules assembled together to form underground structures which can either be used for stormwater storage or as an alternative to domestic soakaways. AquaCell controls stormwater in one of two ways – either by limiting outflow and providing temporary storage or where the ground conditions are suitable, providing soakaways for the stormwater to infiltrate back into the surrounding ground.

Mike continued: “We advised John on the best way to achieve the required outcome for the project, using proven technology for the efficient capture, transportation and attenuation of stormwater. AquaCell Core, as selected in this particular application, is used for trafficked locations. The lightweight modules allow for quick, versatile assembly, into whatever configuration suits each specific location – in this case - 24m x 12m. It significantly reduces flood risk; offers controlled, reduced-volume release of stormwater into existing sewer systems or watercourses and provides aerobic purification to improve water run-off. The proven qualities and performance of AquaCell systems not only support the achievement of sustainable, urban drainage (SUDs) but can also help reinforce and enhance planning applications and enable development to proceed.”

Channel and UltraRib were installed to capture and transport excessive rainwater. Intesio’s range of recycled channels give installers a choice of preformed drain outlets; ensuring the effective capture and transport of surface water for disposal or re-use. Channel is ready to install and easy to connect, reducing installation costs. UltraRib foul and surface water gravity sewer system comprises a comprehensive range of pipes and fitting available in various sizes.

“This solution also used OSMA Tegra 600 non-entry inspection chamber for the maintenance and inspection of drains to provide the best solution for the job,” added Mike.

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