Internorm [1st] in Code Level 5

Mid- Street is the first publicly funded social housing development in the UK to achieve Code Level 5. The development consists of two two-bedroom flats constructed by Osborne building contractors on behalf of Raven Housing Trust. The key objective of this development was to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Therefore air leakage had to be reduced and as much energy had to be retained as possible.

Initially the building was planned to meet code level 3 standards, but as Osborne had previous experience in building high level sustainable housing, Raven Housing Trust saw this as an opportunity to exceed the standard and meet the highest level possible. In order to meet these requirements the building materials have been chosen carefully to create a holistic, quality construction solution.

In order to achieve the highest code level possible, Code Level 5, the Raven Housing Trust utilised a passivhaus philosophy. The house was extensively modeled, to reduce its carbon footprint and optimize the amount of day light.

Sophisticated and innovative technologies have been used, such as a wood-chip biomass boiler, photovoltaic panels and Internorm’s Triple glazed Windows. These features built together using innovative structural insulated panels contribute to a reduction in energy consumption. As a result of this, Mid Street’s tenants are able to enjoy cheaper fuel bills and live in a more sustainable way.

Internorms exceptional windows demonstrate an excellent performance in pioneering UPVC technology. Our Dimension+ range windows were used in this construction to contribute to an outstanding U- value of 0.80W/m2 K. The windows also compliment the construction, which was required to mirror the surrounding area consisting of predominantly red-brick, Victorian architecture.

The Mid Street construction is not only Code level 5 on paper, but also genuinely achieves its targets as a completed, habitable home. The house demonstrates exceptional possibilities and a genuine breakthrough for the industry.

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