International School, Aberdeen

The A. Proctor Group of Blairgowrie has supplied 1650m2 of their timber cladding for use on the New International School of Aberdeen.

The school (ISA) specialises in offering an internationally recognised education for students of all nationalities. Based in Cults near Aberdeen, the school recently underwent a major new-build programme to replace the existing school, carried out by Stewart Milne Construction. One aspect of this was the installation of timber cladding externally.

Architects, Halliday Fraser Munro specified the Royale Cladding in golden colour to blend in with the semi-rural environment. This product is ideal for projects such as schools and other public buildings, as it is low maintenance and comes with a standard 30 year warranty against rot and decay. This warranty provides both the specifier and the client confidence in the longevity of the product.

Royale Timber cladding not only has superior weathering properties, but is also an environmentally sound exterior cladding which comes in natural colours and various different profiles.

The Osmose treatment gives softwood the typical properties of hardwood, by increasing the water resistance and stability, thereby enabling them to be used in applications generally more suited to hardwoods.

Royale is one of a range of timber cladding available from the A.Proctor Group. Maibec, another of the range, has a standard 50 year warranty against timber decay, and an 18 year warranty against peeling/blistering of the painted finish. This can be increased by a further 15 years, if re-painted during the original 18 year warranty period. Maibec is a factory stained solid wood and should a specific colour be required, this can be easily colour matched.

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