International green roof conference lets make the world a greener place

Architects, scientists, and acknowledged green roof experts from all over the world will meet on the International Green Roof Congress in Stuttgart/Nuertingen, Germany from 14 – 15 September 2004.

They will inform and discuss the eco-political green roof situation and show the trends and chances for the green roof market of the future. The congress is aimed at architects, planning offices and green roof contractors worldwide. The attractive subsequent social programme includes a green roof tour to outstanding projects in the region, as well as a visit of the worlds most comprehensive trade show for urban green and open spaces in Nuremberg (GaLaBau 2004, 5 – 18 September).

The International Green Roof Association with its registration in Berlin – organizer of the International Green Roof Congress – has set the ambitious goal to give the green roof an international home. “In times of globalization and international environmental problems, Germany alone does not make the world's roof greener," says congress manager and director of the IGRA, Wolfgang Ansel, and he explains: "To make full use of the enormous environmental potential of green roofs on an international level and to face the impending ecological changes at least by compensational measures on the roofs of the world, an intensive exchange of experiences between acknowledged green roof experts worldwide is required.

On 14 and 15 September, the points will be set and national borders will be opened: During the International Green Roof Congress in Nuertingen near Stuttgart, renowned speakers from all over the world will speak about green roofs as an ecologically sustainable compensation measure versus the increased sealing of our planets surface. The congress provides the opportunity to analyse the technological, political, ecological and economic green roof situation in the international context, for the first time. A simultaneous translation into English guarantees that recognized German green roof experts can transfer their technical knowledge in a compressed form to the international audience.

"The aim of the congress is the comprehensive information about the positive ecological and economic green roof effects, as well as about the latest scientific results. The presentation of architectural green roof highlights and the opportunity to hold informal conversations with the present specialists complete the meeting," says Ansel and he is convinced: "The congress will sharpen your ecological awareness, and at the same time you will have the opportunity to make international contacts on the highest professional level

."The website of the International Green Roof Congress - - informs about the detailed congress programme and also contains short biographies of the speakers, an overview of the subjects as well as an online registration form.

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