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At Leaderflush Shapland, we are always looking for new ways to enhance communication with our customers and better respond to their needs. This is why we have taken the initiative and created interactive methods in which you can connect with us. Now you can view our videos on YouTube, become a fan on Facebook, tell us what you think to recent articles on our blog or visit our Resource Centre to download literature, calculate door widths and view hundreds of doorset images.

Keeping up with industry and technological trends is important to any business. The Leaderflush Shapland blog will keep our customers in the loop, informed and up-to-date with new developments as they happen. Hosted on our website, the blog will enable customers to share knowledge and expertise simply and effectively, ask questions and discuss industry hot topics, as well as providing the latest information on issues such as changes to legislation, Leaderflush Shapland information and new products. We’ll be updating it on a weekly basis, which means that by subscribing to our RSS feed on the blog, you can be among the first to know about new Leaderflush Shapland developments.

Other ways in which you can interact with Leaderflush Shapland include YouTube and Facebook, where you can see videos of the Newfield & Talbot schools project, the independent testing of EnduraCor, our engineered performance core whose durability and stability make it especially suitable for harsh environments, and Sentinel, our innovative finger protection solution for doorsets. Why not log on and tell us what you think, rate images or share our videos via email and twitter? Why not visit our resource centre and download the latest Leaderflush Shapland brochures or view over 500 images in the doorset gallery?

As the UK’s leading bespoke performance doorset manufacturer, Leaderflush Shapland has a wealth of industry and sector specific knowledge and encourages feedback from you via our blog on recent project articles or if you have any queries or requests from the information you have seen.

For more information about Leaderflush Shapland and to access our blog, resource centre and YouTube and Facebook pages visit or call 01773 530500.

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