Insulation that recycles lost heat

The A. Proctor Group are proud to announce the launch of Dynamic Insulation!

Developed by Energyflo Construction Technologies Ltd, Jablite Dynamic Frame Insulation is an active insulation product and is used in place of traditional static insulation.

By using heat energy that is normally lost through the building fabric to pre-warm incoming ventilation air entering the building and recycling it, Jablite Dynamic Frame helps to reduce space heating requirements and lowers energy consumption.

The benefits of this unique form of thermal insulation include:

- lower u-value per unit thickness of insulation

- the capture and recycle of heat energy which would otherwise be lost

- reduced build cost, due to a thinner building envelope

- reduced fuel bills and carbon emissions

- reduced space heating requirement

Jablite Dynamic Frame is designed for use within a timber frame construction and is available in two options – Jablite Dynamic Frame (In Stud) and Jablite Dynamic Frame (In Cavity). It is available in 115mm and 140mm thicknesses, and an extremely low u-value of ~0.1 / 0.15 W/m2K can be achieved by using the 140mm thick board. The 115mm board is designed to be used within a 140mm stud, to provide a service cavity.

The A. Proctor Group offer a full design, specification and take-off service for the Energyflo range of thermal insulation, and can also produce the u-value calculations and SAP assessments.

For more information on this exciting product range, please visit, or contact us on 01250 872261

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