Insulated, secure and robust durability – choose a sectional garage door this winter with Garador

If you are in the market for a new garage door, you won’t go too far wrong with Garador’s range of insulated sectional garage doors. They are one of the most understated products in the building industry. They deliver an incredibly modern appearance, they are reliable, can be easily automated and offer outstanding thermal performance when compared to other garage doors on the market.

For those seeking a reliable door that also has good acoustic and thermal insulation properties, sectional garage doors are worth considering and with an ultra-modern look with anthracite grey as a colour they make a fantastic first impression. It’s worth noting that the door can be configured to offer a more traditional appearance as well, with timber effect surface finishes so it’s not just a one trick pony either in terms of how it looks. Garador offer four different designs:

  1. Linear Small designs
  2. Linear Medium designs
  3. Linear Large designs
  4. Georgian designs

Aside from a really modern look, they are also highly functional. With regards to insulation, Garador’s sectional garage doors are available in two options, Premium insulated and Classic uninsulated. The Premium version is constructed from a double steel wall, filled with rigid PU foam (totally CFC free). It also has rubber seals on each of the door sections, as well as the top and sides, to help keep the rain, snow and wind outside. Whilst some homeowners might not see the need for an insulated door, if you are regularly using your garage for building projects, home office or recreational use, a sectional door will help in keeping the garage dry, warm and draft free.

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the fact that these doors allow you to park your car right up close to the door, without fear of the door kicking out and damaging the car. This is because the door lifts vertically and then runs on metal tracks back inside the garage space. Have a look at Garador’s YouTube product showcase video to see a sectional garage door in action.

A Garador sectional garage door is ideally suited to automatic operation; so the door can be fitted with a GaraMatic operator unit that will open the door at the touch of a button. The operator unit for a GaraMatic operator has an anti-burglar device built in, which prevents forced opening by locking the operator boom and thereby stopping the door from moving. It can also be supplied without a handle or lock hole; giving extra security in the fact that burglars cannot take advantage of a lock hole to break into the garage as there isn’t one!

It’s also constructed from premium galvanised steel to make sure it keeps going year after year. A thick powder coat paint finish has been applied to protect the surface of the door both inside and out.

It’s built from quality components with a view to the door functioning well time and again, and its been engineered to take on board key points where the door is perhaps worn heavily. For example, at the bottom of the steel frame a small plastic (non-brittle) cover has been applied to each frame leg, to stop the frame leg from corroding.

Find out more about Garador’s sectional garage doors by viewing the full range online at


  • Dimensions: Width: 2080mm (min) – 5000mm (max). Height: 1875mm (min) – 3000mm (max).
  • Material: Each door section is made from galvanised steel, with the option for classic uninsulated door sections and premium 42mm insulated (filled with rigid PU foam) door sections.
  • Colour: Choice of 19 colour finishes and 5 timber effect options. Choose from 4 surface textures including woodgrain, sandgrain, silkgrain and timber effect.
  • Special features: Garador sectional garage doors are perfect for integral garages, home gyms and workshops where having a well-insulated garage door is important. A sectional garage door is made up of sections which rise vertically on tracks and run back into the garage, which enables cars parking inside and outside to park right up close to the garage door. They also provide extra width when driving through the garage door opening, which is great for 4x4s and larger vehicles.
  • Suitability/ use: Suitable for domestic/ home use.

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