InStar aims to continue increase in paving support sales.

As a supplier of components to roofing system suppliers, merchants and contractors InStar has seen a substantial increase in its sales of paving supports for flat roofs.

“ We believe that our increased sales is due to the quality of our product, maintaining a large stock of all sizes and types for next day delivery and our competitive pricing strategy that rewards large orders”  says InStar M.D. Nick Mills.

“ We will continue to innovate, provide a service second to none and offer pricing that will help maintain the growth that we have seen in recent times”  

With the increased specification of green roofs, walkways are a necessity not only for the protection of finishes but also the safety of maintenance staff and rooftop pedestrians.

Paving supports enable the paving slabs to be lifted off the substrate surface allowing drainage between and beneath the slabs thereby reducing the risk of ice and algae growth whilst also maintaining a flat walking surface irrespective of roof falls.

InStar offers a full range of rubber and modular plastic paving supports that can be stacked to provide a minimum lift of 9mm and a maximum lift of slabs from the roof surface of 150mm together with a range of adjustable supports offering fine adjustment from 35mm to 220mm.

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