Installation Made Easy With New Evomax Accessories

Ideal Commercial Boilers has launched two new flue accessories for the best-selling Evomax wall hung condensing boiler range.

The Evomax offers one of the widest output ranges of any commercial wall hung condensing boiler on the market, and now comes with a 5 year warranty* (terms & conditions apply) as testament to its reliability. The new Plume Kit and the Multiline Flue Cascade build on the Evomax’s strong reputation for being easy to install by allowing even more siting options.

The Ideal Commercial Boilers Plume Kit is specially designed for Evomax boilers being installed in awkward locations, as it allows the flue terminal to be easily relocated up to 10m from the boiler. Compatible with Evomax models up to 120kW, the kit includes standard appliance connector, horizontal flue kit, special rain collar, external plume kit 1m and terminal. It is available for both 80/125 and 100/150 flue applications.

Ideal Commercial Boilers’ Multiline Flue Cascade is designed to simplify installation of multiple Evomax boilers up to 600kW. Available as both a starter kit and an extension pack, this accessory enables those Evomax boilers that are installed as an open flue system to be connected via a common flue header, greatly simplifying system design and installation by creating just a single flue connection point. The basic kit includes appliance connection, non-return flue damper, condensate tee and trap and all clips to secure the flue. Commissioning is also exceptionally quick and easy, as the engineer simply has to select ‘Multiline Flue’ from the installer set up menu on each Evomax boiler.

The Multiline Flue Cascade enhances the many advantages already offered by Ideal Commercial Boilers’ Frame and Header Kits. Consisting of prefabricated modules, each Frame and Header kit includes individual boiler shunt pumps, a low loss header, safety and isolating valves, flow & return header, gas manifold and a drain point, allowing the Evomax to be installed quickly and easily in either back-to-back or in-line cascade formation. A combined top capacity of 600kW extends the options for commercial or multi-residential buildings. As well as simplifying installation for more straightforward projects, Frame and Header Kits also offer an effective solution where there is not enough wall space or where space around the boilers is restricted. Low Height Frame and Header Kits are also available, providing the perfect solution for installations that may be restricted by low or sloping ceilings.

Expanding the options for commercial applications, Evomax boilers have been designed and developed at Ideal Commercial Boilers’ UK manufacturing facility in Hull to deliver optimum ease of installation, commissioning and servicing. Available outputs range from 30kW to 150kW and, in addition to its lightweight design, siting is made easy with a selection of room-sealed and open flue system choices. In addition to flexible installation options, Evomax is Ideal Commercial Boilers’ highest efficiency boiler to date with seasonal efficiencies of up to 97.2%, exceeding those stipulated in Part L2 of the Building Regulations. Each boiler is capable of wider output modulation of 5:1, which ensures the load is matched closely to the building’s requirements to maximise system efficiency. This market-leading performance combines with low NOx emissions of less than 40mg/kWh to offer a boiler solution that qualifies for maximum BREEAM points. In addition, the high efficiency of the Evomax range still exceeds the stringent assessment criteria required for inclusion on the Energy Technology List (ETL), making these boilers eligible for the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme.

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