Innovative tile range tackles air pollution levels

As air pollution is an ever-prevalent issue in our urban landscape, causing millions of deaths worldwide each year, many contemporary designers are addressing the issue in new and innovative ways. Take designer Poppy Pippin — a recent graduate of Kingston School of Art —  whose ‘Moss Tile’ project is designed as a solution to reduce cities’ pollution levels and increase social well-being.

Pippin has designed a brightly coloured terracotta tile range which promotes moss growth and is intended to be used on exterior walls in public spaces. Pippin’s tiles have multiple indentations for the moss to grow through, which benefit the surrounding atmosphere by absorbing harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide.

By centring her designs around organic patterns, Pippin highlights the beauty of moss species, whilst enhancing the air quality of those in the surrounding landscape.

To view more of Pippin's work, visit her website

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